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Setting Up Templates

We’ve created a simple video tutorial on how to set up and use templates. If you’d prefer to see images and text, scroll down and enjoy!

Templates are the easiest way to create tasks based on recurring tasks or projects for your team. If, for example, you have a long checklist to get through every time you launch a client’s website, you can turn that checklist into a task template with all the various subtasks that come with it. Then anyone launching a site can create a task based on that template, saving them from recreating the checklist time after time.

You can access templates by using the filter button next to the “Add Task” button. Select the filter “Templates” option to only show templates.

Creating templates is a lot like creating tasks – after all, a template is basically just a task you want to reuse. Once you have created a task you can mark or unmark a task as a template.

To create a task based on a template, click the “Quick Add” button (Lightning bolt). Within the pop up, you must enter the task title, and then select the template icon on the far right.

Heres what it will look like if I were to create a task off of a saved template for the “Candyman Website”

Select your saved template and click “Save”

Success! You have created a task with sub-tasks, and descriptions built in!

Templates let you build out a common task once, rather than creating it from scratch every time. They’ll save you plenty of time so you can get back to working and stop worrying about planning.

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