A great to-do list tool for the simple things in life

We’re not going to lie – Todoist is cool. It’s simple, feature-rich and easy to use. Before we built Yalla, we occasionally used Todoist to keep track of smaller projects because it doesn’t require an advanced degree to do the kinds of things you expect from productivity software.

Unfortunately, Todoist didn’t scale well once our business began to grow. We wanted features like a robust central chat channel and the ability to get lots of people working on one project. Yalla is built for team collaboration, and it handles it better than anyone else.

Of course, Yalla also works well for the solo user. You’ll get your own to-do list, the ability to track clients and projects and a host of other features – all for free. So if you haven’t yet given Yalla a shot, we encourage you to try.

Every Yalla user gets free file storage and calendar access

These are necessary features, not pay-to-have perks. You’ll always have the ability to break your to-do list into a calendar view, so you can easily prioritize what to tackle when. Adding other team members’ tasks to that calendar takes a single click. Getting a 10,000-foot view of your organization’s workload has never been simpler.

As for file sharing, we built it into Yalla’s free plan because we use it all the time. It’s too valuable not to have. Share up to 5GB of files through chat or on projects for free. Upgrading gets you unlimited storage.

Yalla scales as you grow

We’re a team of about 10 people, and we first built Yalla for small groups like us. But it can handle as many users as you throw at it, so even major institutions can harness Yalla’s power.

Track your team’s work for free

Todoist requires a paid subscription to access a breakdown of what your team’s working on. But we believe success is all about putting the right people on the right projects. So we give you that feature for free.

Going from a good organization to a great one is all about putting the right people on the right projects. Yalla makes that simple. We use it all the time to communicate with clients, prioritize projects and have a little fun. Give Yalla a shot and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can grow.

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