Simplicity without sacrifice

If Asana is the stick shift of project management software, Trello is the self-driving car. It’s incredibly easy to build tasks and invite team members. We like Trello’s simplicity but found it lacked some of the features we needed for really robust collaboration. That’s why we built Yalla – it’s like a self-driving car that still offers power and flexibility.

If you’re happy with Trello but you think you’d like a bit more functionality, give Yalla a shot. It’s perfect for client management, team communication and just about any other use you can think of.

Yalla has a central to-do list

Whenever you log into Yalla, you’ll see a personal to-do list based on all the projects you’re working on. You can reorder the tasks based on priority, assign them to other team members or attach notes and files. The system is designed to help you stop organizing and start working.

There’s a way to see all the tasks assigned to you in Trello, but it’s buried in a menu. And you won’t be able to mark tasks as completed or reassign them from that central hub like Yalla allows you to do.

Yalla lets you track time easily

Nobody likes to work for free. We built time tracking into Yalla so any member of a team can record their hours on a task. This makes billing clients a breeze – especially because each client can see those billed hours in real time. There’s no surprise when you send a bill at the end of a project.

Trello doesn’t currently offer native time tracking, though the developers have said they’d like to add the feature. Third-party workarounds exist, but hey – isn’t this all about keeping things simple?

We like to think of Yalla as the perfect blend between simplicity and power. It’s all about spending more time working and less time figuring out your project management software. So give Yalla a try for free today and let us know what you think.

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