It’s hard to simplify spreadsheets

Yalla began as an escape from the finance world. We’ve got an aversion to spreadsheets, and we’d rather do what we love than spend time managing projects. Smartsheet has some great features and a long history, but Yalla personalizes your work better than any other app on the market.

Because we love what we do, we want project management to be painless. Yalla shows you what you need to do to achieve your goals – then it gets out of the way. There are tons of other features, but at its core Yalla is built around simplicity.

Big projects feel little on Yalla

Large, multi-step processes like product launches or client onboarding can quickly overwhelm the Smartsheet user. We’ve never had much fun filling out dozens of spreadsheet cells, typing in who they’re assigned to, setting a due date…you know the dance.

Creating a task in Yalla takes seconds. Just give it a name. Each task can carry file attachments, notes and a custom due date, but none of those features are necessary. And assigning tasks couldn’t be easier – drag them to a team member’s profile photo and the tasks will move from your list to theirs.

Yalla puts all your tasks in one place

Project management is all about keeping each team member focused on what they do best. That’s why, when you log into Yalla, you’ll see a customized list of everything you need to work on. That list spans all your projects, and you can even keep a private list for personal stuff (sometimes we use it as a grocery list).

It takes half a dozen clicks to create a personal to-do list on Smartsheet – every single time you want one. It doesn’t update dynamically and you can’t attach notes or files to the tasks. Shouldn’t you spend more time working and less time tracking what to work on?

We keep communication simple

Using Smartsheet to talk about a project is sort of like posting on a forum. You write a message on the general project board and wait for replies. Sure, you could use another service like Slack to talk with colleagues, but why use two systems when one will do?

Yalla’s native chat app simplifies team communication. Ping a client or colleague by name so they know to take a look at something. Break out chat channels on a per-project basis, and set up notifications so you’ll see who’s talking without checking the app. Or just send a Spongebob GIF. We won’t judge.

We built Yalla to make collaboration easy. Your team will love it because it makes them more productive. Your clients will love the transparency they get when you invite them to join Yalla free of charge.

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