We built Yalla to scratch our own itch

The word “Yalla” means “Let’s Go” or “Hurry Up!” We built Yalla to do two things; Help teams get more work done, and help them have fun while they’re changing the world.

We’re a small and agile team of 10 individuals who love to work together…and Yalla is a big part of that.

Before the days of Yalla, we used to cringe at the thought of things slipping through the cracks when we were really busy. We tried to run our business using email, text messages, phone calls, and sticky notes on a person’s desk.

As we began to grow, we had no way of prioritizing projects and tasks, or knowing what each of our other team members were working on. We wanted to get the right people, working on the right things, in the right priority. We wanted to centralize our communication among team members and centralize the communication with our clients. We used various software as a service platforms and finally determined that what we needed was not on the market.

So we built Yalla to scratch our own itch. We’re hoping you’ve got the same itch…

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