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Invite Team Members To Manage A Client

We’ve created a simple video tutorial on how to invite team members to manage a client. If you’d prefer to see images and text, scroll down and enjoy!

Yalla requires users to have permission to access a client’s page before letting them post discussions, upload files, and use other features of the client area. Inviting other members to your team takes just a few clicks.

(Note – this tutorial is for bringing other members of your team to work with a client. To invite your client to Yalla as a guest, see “Inviting Contacts of Clients”.)

Head to your client’s page, then click on the “+” under the team field.

You can add as many users as you’d like to have access to the client. Click “Save” at the bottom when you’re done.

Now your team members can access the client’s tasks, discussions and other features!

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