The is a major problem with online reviews. Anyone who can solve that problem and find a way to make online reviews meaningful again could be a very rich man or woman. At this point, reviews have become almost useless for people.

A solution might be to look for companies that have many more case studies than they do reviews. Then, you could contact the company that the case study was performed on and ask them if the case study was done accurately. That would be a far greater way to get an accurate depiction of how a company works for other people as opposed to just looking at the dumb fake positive and dumb extreme negative reviews that stupid people leave.

Sorry for all the name calling, but there’s just no other way to put it. People are stupid and it ruins the integrity of a review system and can even simultaneously ruin the reputation of a company for no good reason.

I came across probably the most insane example of this recently. We have a a go to place for getting cookies and treats for our clients… and maybe once in awhile for ourselves. ?

That place is called Crumbl Cookies.

So I went to look for a local Crumbl store near one of our clients so that we could ship them some warm cookies. When I searched on the store, I came across the Google listing. I already know the cookies are good, so the reviews didn’t really matter, but I noticed 4.7 average star review and was just curious who it was that was bringing down the rating and what they said.

There is literally no reason to give the place a 1 star rating. This lady is mad AT HER HUSBAND!

Now I know there isn’t a place to go and give your spouse an online review, but is a one star review really merited here?

Ok… you don’t like margarine. You don’t like sweet cookies. But seriously… a one star review? Like not even a 3 star review or even a two star review? But a 1 star review because your husband spent $10 dollars on cookies that you didn’t like.

All of this exposes an even greater problem with online reviews. They are full of fake reviews, competitor reviews, reviews of family members and friends, and reviews from dumb people who are miserable and want to make sure everyone else is miserable like they are.

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