Using Stage Notifications

Stage notifications are a powerful funnel feature that let you automate your communication with clients. They’re essentially pre-written emails you tie to stages in a funnel. When a deal enters a stage with a notification, Yalla sends an email to the contact for that deal (usually the client) – filling in important details like their name, the name of the project, etc.

We’re going to set up a stage notification to show you how it works. To start, you’ll need a funnel with some stages. (See our training page on using funnels if you need some help.) Create a new deal and assign it to a client, choosing the contact for that client who will receive stage notifications. (See our page on inviting client contacts if you’re unfamiliar with how to do so.)

Hover over the name of the stage you want to add a notification for and click on the bell icon that appears above it. Set the template email’s subject and body, using the placeholders at the bottom of the popup when necessary. For example, I’m starting my email with “Hi {{first_name}}.” Yalla will automatically fill in the first name of the client contact for any deals entering the stage.

Click the “On” switch above the email subject line and hit save. You can click on the bell icon again to make sure your notification is set up properly.

(Remember: stage notification emails go out for every deal that enters the stage. Be sure to use tools like placeholders to avoid any embarrassing slip-ups!)

Notifications trigger when deals enter the given stage. Let’s move the Lemonade Stand deal into the “Design in Progress” stage we set a notification for and see what happens.

Success! Yalla sent the client contact an email (in this case it was me) using the contact’s first name. Of course, this was a fairly simple example. You can use stage notifications to keep clients abreast of where they are in a particular process. Notifications cut down on routine communication so you can focus on getting real work done.