Setting Up Clients

To setup a new client in Yalla, just hover over the clients tab in the main navigation and then drop down to click on the “New Client” icon and title.

Fill out all of the information as best you can. Once the client is created, you can click on the image to the left of the screen and upload a logo for easy identification in other areas of the program.

Once the client company is set up in Yalla, you’ll be brought to a screen that will show all of the priorities that are associated with that client as well as all discussions pertaining to that client’s. You’ll also see an area to upload files for the client, forward emails, and also have an ongoing chat area with the client.

This one area, though simple, was one of the main reasons we went away from traditional project management systems out there and built Yalla. We wanted to centralize and consolidate everything that was going on for a particular client into one place.

Once you get your clients set up in here, we know both you and your client will love the transparency and collaboration.

If you are interested in how to invite contacts within each client company to interact with you in Yalla, see Inviting Contacts