How To Use The Calendar

We’ve got to admit…our calendar is not the most simple of calendars, but it is the most robust. Let us explain in both text and video.

You will see your team at the left of the screen. You can click on any one of your team members to see their calendars. Click on one or multiple at a time.

The calendar is composed of 5 different calendars with different but similar functions. It’s important to understand what each facet of the calendar does so that you can effectively utilize it.

Next to the “month, week, day” box, you’ll see a box that says “priorities”

If you click on that box, you’ll see 5 options:

  1. Priorities
  2. Scheduling
  3. Tasks
  4. Time
  5. Events

Priorities Calendar –

What you see on this calendar are all of your priorities that appear on your current priority list with their associated due dates. You can move the due dates of a priority just by dragging the priority to a different date. You can also edit the details of a priority by clicking on the priority as it’s shown in the calendar view.

Scheduling Calendar –

The scheduling calendar is where you can create recurring priorities. So if you have something that needs to get done every Friday, this is where you can create that recurring priority. You can also schedule a one off priority sometime in the future but not have it appear on your priority list until you tell it to in order to prohibit your main priority list from getting too cluttered.

Maybe you need to do something two months from now and you want it to come up on your priority list, but not until it gets close to the due date. This calendar is where you can set things like that.

Tasks Calendar –

You are able to assign due dates to sub tasks of priorities. This calendar is where these tasks will show up based on the due date that has been assigned to them.

Time Calendar –

For teams and businesses that want to keep track of their time, this is where the time entries appear. A user can click on the day and make a time entry. Other time entries that have been made elsewhere in Yalla will show up as well.

Events –

Events are items that you’d like to put on your calendar that will in no way be tied to a priority. Things that might go on this calendar might be things like putting yourself out for vacation or your kid’s baseball game. Think of this calendar as something similar to your Google or Outlook calendar. These are just events that are not considered priorities that you have to get done and checked off.

This calendar can also be synced with your other calendars so that you can pull in items from those calendars to your Yalla events calendar.