Creating Subtasks

Every priority can contain subtasks, which break a goal into smaller, more manageable parts. For example, a priority titled “Launch website” might include subtasks like “buy domain name” and “design front page.”

Adding subtasks to existing priorities is easy. Just click on the priority to expand it, find the section labeled “Tasks” and enter the name of your task where it says “Type task here.” Pressing the enter key will create the task and add space for you to add another one, if desired.

To change a task’s due date, click on the date to the far right of the task’s name. Click on the circular icon with a person inside to assign the task to someone else.

To add tasks when creating a new priority, type them into the “Tasks” field on the priority creation popup. Press enter to add a task and create space for an additional one.

Yalla lets you assign subtasks to other members of your team. If I assign the “design front page” task to a designer, it will show up on her board as a separate priority. She can mark time on it, add notes and do everything else priorities offer. When she marks it as completed, Yalla will mark the subtask completed on the overarching “launch website” priority on my board.

Tasks are an easy way to break complex processes into smaller, more manageable parts. The green completion bar at the top of every priority will fill up as you complete tasks, which is great for quickly visualizing how much work is left on a priority.