Assigning Priorities to Clients

If you or your business have clients, you probably know how difficult it can be to track who needs to do what. We built Yalla to simplify that process. Assigning priorities to clients is easy to do and will drastically improve your workflow. Let’s walk through how.

Any time you create a priority, you can add it to a client by opening the “Client” dropdown box near the bottom of the priority window. Start typing the name of your client, then click on the client’s name/logo and create the priority. Now you’ll see the client’s logo on the priority bar.

Assigning a client to a priority does a few things. First, it makes it easier for your team to get a good sense of what’s going on. Who’s working on what – and for whom? Second, every priority assigned to a client is also visible on that client’s page in Yalla.

This is what the client sees whenever he or she logs into Yalla. It’s all about transparency. The client knows who’s working for them, and who to reach out to if they have questions or concerns.

There’s also one more way to assign a client to an existing priority, or change the client if one is already set. Hover over the client logo on any priority, click on it, and you’ll get the same search bar that exists when creating a new priority.