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How to fix a page that’s not loading

We’ve created a simple video tutorial on how to fix a page that’s not loading. If you’d prefer to see images and text, scroll down and enjoy!

If you happen to open Yalla and get a blank page, or any other form of frustrating screen that’s not showing you what you are looking for, there are a couple of easy steps to get you right back on track.

First, you are going to right-click anywhere on your blank screen and find the button that says “inspect”.

After clicking “inspect” your screen will open up to something that looks like this. If you are anything like me, this page can look a little scary but don’t worry, you’re only two clicks away from being right back where you need to be.

Once you get to the above page, all you need to do is right-click on your refresh page button, and click “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”

Just click the small little “x” in the top right corner of your “inspect” screen and you should be right back to where you needed to be!

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