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Getting Started

We created Yalla as a way for teams to keep track of the work they have to do on a daily basis. Instead of texting, emailing, or even “slacking” your teammate when something needs to be done, it’s better to just drop it on their Yalla to-do list. 

From there, you can reprioritize tasks and to-do’s on the fly based on their order of importance. You can also transfer work around to other members of the team quickly and efficiently. 

So getting started, the most important things that you could probably do inside of Yalla would be to invite your team, get them setup in Yalla, and then start listing out all the of things you and your team need to do. 

Once you’ve signed up, and you land on your dashboard for the first time, start by doing these things: 

  1. Invite your team.
  2. Make some tasks.
  3. Click on the task and explore the options inside of the task.
  4. Drag tasks around to reprioritize them based on their importance.
  5. Drag a task over to another team member and drop it on their face in the team panel on the left. 
  6. Click to other team members to see what they’re working on. 
  7. Make a divider to help you visualize when things need to get done. 
  8. Complete or delete a task 
  9. Checkout the timeline view in order to visualize due dates and timing of your tasks. 
  10. Check out my account details.

Here’s a quick video that walks you through how to perform these initial tasks and help you get familiar with the interface. 

From there, you’ll see many more ways to use Yalla. You can chat inside of Yalla, use DM’s, create process workflows with funnels, keep track of time against clients or projects, use the gantt chart for planning, or use the app for keeping track of tasks on the go. 

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