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Deals Summary Reports

We’ve created a simple video tutorial on understanding the deals summary report. If you’d prefer to see images and text, scroll down and enjoy!

If you are working in a sales funnel and wondering where your deals go when you drag and drop them into the “winners” and “losers” sections, this is your guide! Just follow these simple steps to see your “Deals Summary”.

First, click into your “My Account” settings by clicking on the button just above your profile picture

Next, click on the “Reports” tab on the left-hand side of your screen, and then click on the drop-down arrow and click on “Deals Summary”

And just as simple as that you can see the deals that have been closed, the value of the deals, whether they were a winner or a loser, who completed that deal and when it was closed!

This page houses a summary of everything “deals” related that you could ever want!

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