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Create Tasks from Emails

We’ve created a simple video tutorial on how to create tasks from emails. If you’d prefer to see images and text, scroll down and enjoy!

You can create tasks for yourself straight from your inbox. Yalla gives every user a unique “email to tasks” address that you can send mail to. The system creates a task based on the subject and body of any messages you send.

To start, head into your settings and open the “Information” tab.

Look for the field marked “Email Yalla.” If it’s empty, just click the regenerate button.

You can create a task for yourself any time by sending a message to this email address. We recommend saving it to your address book so you don’t have to remember it!

Yalla will pull in the entire body of the email – including any signatures – to the description of the new task. It sets the due date as the time you sent the email – although you can always open up the task and change its due date whenever you want.

Creating tasks from emails is a great way to add things to your to-do list on the go. It also works with forwarded emails. If you get an email from a client or colleague that you don’t want to forget, just forward it to your unique task email address. Yalla will handle the rest!

(P.S. – If you use Gmail, check out our page on Gmail-to-Yalla integrations. We have tons of shortcuts you can set up to boost your productivity!)

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