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Assigning Privileges and Permissions To Team Members

We’ve created a simple video tutorial on how to assign privileges and permissions. If you’d prefer to see images and text, scroll down and enjoy!

You can give privileges to team members in Yalla. This is good for situations where you don’t need or want certain team members to see the boards of other team members. 

To assign privileges:  

1. Click on “My Account”, which is found by the settings area which is found near the top left-hand portion of your screen. It looks like this: 

2. Now click on “Profile” and then click “Privileges” as shown in the red box below. 

3. You will then be able to see the users for whom you are able to manage their tasks. You’ll also be able to see who is able to manage your tasks as well. Unless you have strict reasons not to, we suggest allowing everyone to see and manage everyone else. This allows team mates to drag tasks over to your list, and for you to drag tasks over to other team members lists for full collaboration. 

If a person is an administrator, they will be able to do anything they want… of course! 🙌

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